Event FDSNWS - Event Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks Web Services - ver.1.0

This web service returns event information from INGV-OE Earthquakes catalogs.
The results are retuned as XML in QuakeML format.

Query Usage

	/query/? [catalog-name] [geographic-constraints] [depth-constraints] [temporal-constraints] [magnitude-constraints] [format-option]


			/query/ ? [catalog-name] (id-options)
			catalog-name		:: 	[catalog=<EtnaRCSC | EtnaSC_2000_2010 | EtnaSC_2011_2013 | EtnaSC_2014_2016 | EtnaSC_2017_2019 | AeolianSC_2000_2019>]
			id-options		::	eventid=<id_value
			geographic-constraints	::	[boundaries-rect]
			boundaries-rect		::	[minlat=<latitude>] [maxlat=<latitude>] [minlon=<longitude>] [maxlon=<longitude>]
			depth-constraints	::	[mindepth=<km>] [maxdepth=<km>]
			temporal-constraints	::	[starttime=<time>] [endtime=<time>]
			magnitude-constraints	::	[minmag=<magnitude>] [maxmag=<magnitude>]
			misc-parameters		::	[limit=<integer>] [orderby=<time|time-asc|magnitude|magnitude-asc>]
			format-option           ::      [format=<xml|text|json|html>]
				(..) required parameter
				[..] optional parameter
All parameters must be separated by ampersands (&) as demonstrated in the samples below.

Sample Queries:

Detailed Descriptions of each Query Parameter